We are a Dutch manufacturer and supplier of valves for industrial applications
in the Valve industry, worldwide.

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Mission, Vision and Values

Maverick Valves BV is a young and dynamic organisation, established in 2000, based in the Netherlands. We are a global manufacturer and supplier in the Valve industry specialized in standard & customized valves. Our clients and end-users are particularly operating in the market segments oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical, both on-shore and off-shore and the mining industry.

In 2013 we opened a brand new “state of the art” production facility in Schiedam, The Netherlands. The company is run by a dedicated team with decades of cumulative experience and skilled personnel working in our production facility and in the head office. Products of Maverick Valves are exported to countries all over the world.

In 2015 we extended our capacity with an existing factory which is based in the same street. In this factory we focus on the smaller sizes. This allows us to be more competitive to our competitors.

At the end of 2016 we will open a new ‘state of the art’ factory in Tilburg, the Netherlands. In this factory we will mainly focus on the big sizes and high pressure classes.

Due to the stringent quality control, excellent service and a wide range of services Maverick Valves has steadily and gradually built up a remarkable reputation since its establishment. Maverick Valves BV meets and exceeds client expectations and provides total care solutions for our valuable clients. We work with dedication to meet the demands in the Oil & Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical, both on-shore and off-shore industries.

Market position, advantages and strong points

We have a strong and unique position in the valve market. We are specialized in each area of:

  • Short delivery times (1-10 weeks, if needed)
  • Valves in Exotic material
  • Valves for severe applications
  • Custom made valves
  • Big sizes and high classes
  • Very familiar with tough specifications
  • Stock, high pressure valves deliverable within 24 hours with over more than 10,000 meter warehouses all over the world
  • These different areas and our wide portfolio of manufacturing and delivery in them creates very flexible solutions for our clients.

Activities of Maverick Valves

Maverick Valves is a fast track Valve producer , We are specialised in producing valves quick with keeping quality to the maximum. We have a big machine shop on two different locations which allows us to be flexible with our product and keep our quality in control. We are using the latest CNC machine benches, with the latest techniques, advanced technology and specialised equipment.

Most of our valves are made to order and tight specifications, we are specialized in custom-made designs , producing high quality valves, quickly and efficiently. Our dedicated and experienced teams are working in close cooperation with our clients to design, manufacture and deliver valves suitable for even the most extreme conditions. All technical staff and engineers are highly qualified and fully up to date on the latest design and production technologies, with the best equipment at their fingertips, we are able to handle even the toughest specifications and challenges. Research and Development is an important part of our strategy, we at Maverick pride ourselves in the ability to provide you with modern and effective design solutions.
We have excellent possibilities to directly supply valves from our vast valve stock, which provide our customers with short and fast delivery times. Possible to deliver within 24 hours!
We have integrated a HSEQ management system focusing on continuous improvement. Our quality system is in full compliance with ISO 9001/TS 29001 and the API Q1 specification.

General Contact Info

Maverick Valves BV
Jan van Galenstraat 17
3115 JG Schiedam
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)10 303 2620
F +31 (0)10 303 2670
E info@maverickvalves.com


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